Acronyms legend



ACLS = Advanced Cardiac Life Support [educational program]

AE = Above Elbow [anatomy]

A&E = Accidents & Emergencies [organization]

AED = Automated External Defibrillator [equipment]

AEMT = Advanced Emergency Medical Technician [qualification]

AHA = American Heart Association [organization]

AK = Above Knee [anatomy]

ALOC = Altered Level Of Consciousness [diagnosis]

ALS = Advanced Life Support [educational program]

AMLS = Advanced Medical Life Support [educational program]

AMS = Altered Mental Status [diagnosis]

ARDS = Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome [diagnosis]

ARF = Acute Renal Failure [diagnosis]

ASHD = ArterioSclerotic Heart Disease [diagnosis]

ATLS = Advanced Trauma Life Support [educational program]




BBB = Bundle Branch Block [diagnosis]

BE = Below Elbow [anatomy]

BK = Below Knee [anatomy]

BLS = Basic Life Support [educational program]

BLSD = Basic Life Support Defibrillation [educational program]

BP = Blood Pressure

BS = Breath Sounds or Bowel Sounds

BT = Bowel Tones

BTLS = Basic Trauma Life Support [educational program]

BVM = Bag-Valve Mask [equipment] 




CA = CAncer [diagnosis]

CAOx3 = Conscious, Alert and Oriented to person/place/time [diagnosis]

CAOx4 = Conscious, Alert and Oriented to person/place/time/event [diagnosis]

CC or C/C = Chief Complaint

CCP-C = Critical Care Paramedic Certification [educational program]

CDC = Center for Desease Control [organization]

CEMSO = Chief Emergency Medical Service Officer [qualification]

CEP = Certified Emergency Paramedic [qualification]

CFR = Certified First Responder [qualification]

CHR = Congestive Heart Failure [diagnosis]

CIC = Certified Instructor Course [education]

CID = Cervical Immobilization Device [equipment]

C/O = Complaint Of

CP = Chest Pain [diagnosis]

CPAP = Continuous Positive Airway Pressure

CPR = CardioPolmunary Resuscitation

CT = Computed Tomography

CVA = Cerebral Vascular Accident - Stroke [diagnosis] 




DM = Diabetes Mellitus [diagnosis]

DOA = Dead On Arrival [diagnosis]

DOH = Department of Health [organization]

DNR = Do Not Resuscitate

DX = Diagnosis



ED = Emergency Department [organization]

ECG  = ElectroCardioGram

EEG = ElectroEncephaloGram

EMA = Emergency Medical Attendant [qualification]

EMR = Emergency Medical Responder [qualification]

EMS = Emergency Medical Service [qualification]

EMSI = Emergency Medical Service Instructor [qualification]

EMT = Emergency Medical Technician [qualification] or Emergency Medical Team [qualification]

EP = Emergency Physician [qualification]

EPC = Emergency Pediatric Care [educational program]

EPLS = European Pediatric Life Support [educational program]

ERC = European Resuscitation Council [organization]

ERT = Emergency Response Team [qualification] or Emergency Room Technician [qualification]

ET = Endotracheal Tube [equipment]

ETI = EndoTracheal Intubation


FB = Foreign Body

FBAO = Foreign Body Airway Obstruction [diagnosis]

FF-EMT = Firefighter EMT [qualification]

FH = Family History

FP-C = Flight Paramedic Certification [educational program]

FX = Fracture [diagnosis]


GCS = Glasgow Coma Scale

GSW = GunShot Wound


H&P = History & Phisical Examination

HPI = History of Present Illness

HR = Heart Rate

HTN = Hypertension [diagnosis]


IC = Instructor Coordinator [qualification]

ICP = IntraCranial Pressure 

ICU = Intensive Care Unit

IDDM = Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus [diagnosis]

ILCOR = International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation [organization]

ILS = Intermediate Life Support [educational program]

ITLS= International Trauma Life Support [educational program]

IM = IntraMuscular

IO = IntraOsseus

IRDS = Infant Respiratory Distress Syndrome [diagnosis]

IV = IntraVenous


LAC = Laceration

LBB = Long Back Board [equipment]

LBBB = Left Bundle Branch Block [diagnosis]

LE = Lower Extremitiy [anatomy]

LLQ = Left Lower Quadrant [anatomy]

LOC = Level Of Consciousness

LMA = Laryngeal Mask Airway [equipment]

LP = Licensed Paramedic [qualification]

LPM = Liters Per Minute

L/S = Lung Sound

LUQ = Left Upper Quadrant [anatomy]


MAE = Moves All Extremities

MCI = Mass Casualty Incident

MEDS = Medications

MI = Myocardial Infarction [diagnosis]

MICP = Mobile Intensive Care Paramedic [qualification]

MOH = Ministry of Health [organization]

MOI = Mechanism Of Injury

MOIA = Ministry of Internal Affairs [organization]

MRI = Magnetic Resonance Imaging

MVA = Motor Vehicle Accident

MPIC = Medical Person In Charge [qualification]


NAEMT = National Association of Emergency Medical Technician [organization]

NC = Nasal Cannula [equipment]

NCBR = Nuclear Chemical Biological and Radiological

NG = NasoGastric

NHS = National Healthcare Service [organization]

NHTSA = National Highway Traffic Safety Administration [organization]

NKDA = No Known Drug Allergies

NICP = Neonatal Intensive Care Paramedic [qualification]

NIDDM = Non-Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus [diagnosis]

NOI = Nature Of Injury

NP = Nurse Practicioner [qualification]

NRP = National Registry Paramedic [organization] or Nationally Registered Paramedic [qualification]

NTG = Nitroglicerin [drug]

NREMT = National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians [organization]


OD = OverDose [diagnosis]

OHCA = Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest [diagnosis]

OR = Operating Room


PALS = Pediatric Advanced Life Support [educational program]

PAC = Premature Atrial Contraction [diagnosis]

PAT = Paroxysmal Atrial Tachycardia [diagnosis]

PBLSD = Pediatric Basic Life Support Defibrillation [educational program]

PCP = Primary Care Paramedic [qualification]

PE = Polmunary Embolism [diagnosis] or Physical Exam

PJC = Premature Junctional Contraction [diagnosis]

PH = Past History

PHRN = PreHospital Registered Nurse [qualification]

PHTLS = Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support [educational program]

PMH = Past Medical History

PNA = PNeumoniA [diagnosis]

PNS = Peripheral Nervous System [anatomy]

PPE = Personal Protective Equipment [equipment]

PT = Patient

PTC = Prehospital Trauma Care [educational program]

PVA = Pedestrian Vehicle Accident

PWLS = Pediatric Water Life Support [educational program]


QD = Every Day

QH = Every Hour

QN = Every Night


RBBB = Right Bundle Branch Block [diagnosis]

RDS = Respiratory Distress Syndrome [diagnosis]

REMT = Remote Emergency Medical Technician [educational program]

RLQ = Right Lower Quadrant [anatomy]

ROSC = Return Of Spontaneous Circulation 

RN = Registered Nurse [qualification]

RR = Respiratory Rate

RUQ = Right Upper Quadrant [anatomy]


S/S = Signs/Symptoms

SAR = Search And Rescue

SARTECH = Search And Rescue Technician [qualification]

SCI = Spinal Cord Injury [diagnosis]

SGA = Supra Glottic Airway [equipment]

SIDS = Sudden Infant Death Syndrome [diagnosis]

SL = SubLingual

SOB = Shortness Of Breath

SQ = Subcutaneous 

STEMI = ST-segment Elevation Myocardial Infarction [diagnosis]

SVT = SupraVentricular Tachycardia [diagnosis]

SX = Symptoms


TBI = Traumatic Brain Injury [diagnosis]

TCCC = Tactical Combat Casualty Care [educational program]

TECC = Tactical Emergency Casualty Care [educational program]

TIA = Transient Ischemic Attack [diagnosis]

TP-C = Tactical Paramedic Certification [educational program]

TFR = Trauma First Response [educational program]

TX = Treatment


U/A = Upon Arrival

UE = Upper Extremity [anatomy]

URI = Upper Respiratory Infection [diagnosis]

UTI = Urinary Tract Infection [diagnosis]

USAR = Urban Search And Rescue


VF = Ventricular Fibrillation [diagnosis]

VS = Vital Signs 

VT = Ventricular Tachycardia [diagnosis]


WEMT = Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician [qualification]

WFR = Wilderness First Responder [qualification]

WHO = World Health Organization [organization]

WNL = Within Normal Limits