IOEMT is a non-profit organization: this means that all the revenues are used for its ordinary and extraordinary management, and the surplus revenues are used to further achieve its purpouse and mission, rather than distributing them as profit or dividends to the organization's shareholders.

The income sources are:


- membership fees;

- training courses fees;

- private donations and bequeathals;

- governmental grants and contributions;

- sale of technical equipment to members (minority source);


All the revenues, including your precious donations, will go for:



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This website


plus all its components (server, forum, forms, etc.), working as the main hub for all the operations and the activities, making the EMT community to exhist.

The purchase of training equipment


(like resuscitation manikins, training defibrillators, manuals, etc.) for educative programs to population and EMSs in developing countries.

The purchase of emergency medical equipment


(spinal boards, cervical collars, bandages, box splints, IV treatment kits, etc.) to be used in or shipped to areas affected by mass casualty incidents.

The development of VFRS®


(Voluntary First Response System®) that esponentially increases EMS resources and population's life expectancy without any further expense for the NHS and the community.

The scholarships


aimed to allow EMTs from developing countries to travel and attend advanced training courses in foreign countries. 

The administrative & accounting management


by accountants, to keep IOEMT running in compliance with the law, like any other organization.