1 - Verification
IOEMT verifies eligibility, credentials and certificates of the applying members identifying the issuing authorities, the educational path and the level of care provided. 
In case a further verification is needed, a consultation request is submitted to the DOH of the member's country or to the relative embassy.
2 - Standardization
After verification, basing on the certificates and on the level of care provided, IOEMT converts member's local qualification into one of the EMT levels set by the U.S. NHTSA, in order to allow effective cooperation among members from different countries and EMS systems.
3 - Enrollment
IOEMT registers the new member in the International Registry of EMTs, including his/her specializations, skills, preferences and availability. This database is used by IOEMT to find available members for specific programs in specific areas of the world.
4 - Deployment
After designing a specific program and identifying the required resources, IOEMT "dispatches a call" to all its members who match the program specs giving priority to the closest ones to the location of deployment.