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Individual membership



Join now IOEMT and become a member to:


  • have your local EMT level converted* in the corresponding U.S. NHTSA level and internationally certified by our IOEMT eCard;

  • receive support from the international IOEMT community to develop your local EMS or your professional skill set;

  • be dispatched as member of an Emergency Medical Response team to natural disasters and humanitarian crises;

  • participate in a program for the establishment/development of the local EMS in a least developed country;

  • participate in First Aid/CPR educational programs to the population of your city/country;

  • join the IOEMT community to access programs for in-field experience exchange or experimental research projects;

  • access Travel EMT Buddy opportunities to travel around the world; 

  • access special training programs;

  • receive support to find and get special equipment not available in your country.

(The above mentioned activities are subject to IOEMT availability and discretion and may not always be accessible or available depending on time and location)

*The conversion doesn't automatically grant the legal professional qualification in a foreign country nor in the U.S.A., which depends on specific bilateral agreements.


Member's Eligibility Conditions


Members must:

A) be at least 18 years old;

B) speak English language;

C) be a certified EMT or a qualified medical rescuer in their country;

D) be an active member of an EMS (or similar agency) or alternatively an EMT instructor/trainer;

E) provide documents proving their qualification and certifications on request;

F) be willing to voluntarily participate in at least one IOEMT activity and/or to support the organization; 


Membership Fee (what the fee is for?)


The "REGULAR" membership yearly fee is € 8,00 (around 10 USD). Membership is renewed every 1 year from the join date. Members will be able to choose whether to automatically or manually renew their membership every year.

The "SUPPORTED" membership is reserved to members from Least Developed Countries, as defined by the United Nations, and is free of charge, no fee due.

Payments can be done online, by credit cards or by Paypal accounts, or offline, by Western Union/Money Transfer or bank transfer. Credit card info and Paypal account data will not be accessed nor kept by IOEMT at any time. In case of application denial, the paid fee will be entirely returned.


Membership Application Procedure


1) Verify the eligibility conditions;

2) Click on the "Membership application form" button or go to and create a new account (see pictures below);

2) Fill and submit the application form. Further instructions about the form filling will be in the form headline;

3) IOEMT administration will evaluate and approve your application usually within 72 hours. In some cases IOEMT administration will require you to fulfill an additional form to delineate your scope of practice or to provide additional documents;

4) In case of approval, you will be officially registered in the IOEMT database and classified in one of the EMT levels depending on your certifications and qualification;

5) IOEMT will send you an email confirming the approval with a link to access the member platform on, where you will find your IOEMT certification eCard and will be able to access different services;

Should you have any question or issue regarding the application process, please contact us at .


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