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Emergency medical response

IOEMT organizes and coordinates teams of voluntary and indipendent EMTs to quickly respond to natural disasters, humitarian crisis, mass casualties or events that may compromise or exceed the standard capability of an EMS. Working globally in close collaboration with governamental and non-governamental organizations, IOEMT can precisely identify the specific need of emergency medical care for any situation and provide rescue teams with the appropriate set of skills and specializations.

Disaster response
Improvement of EMSs in developing countries

IOEMT organizes and coordinates training programs for EMS in developing countries, educating the local trainers to standardized protocols (first response, basic/advanced life support, emergency management, etc) and establishing first response services in remote areas.

First response training
Education for communities

IOEMT organizes and coordinates training programs for the population in order to diffuse the education of first response. Apart from generic basic life support (BLS) training, IOEMT trainers provide training for specific situations: wilderness first response for trekkers and adventurers, pediatric BLS for new parents, water rescue tecniques for sailors, etc.

First response training
Professional development and standardization

IOEMT promotes and organizes within the category of EMTs:

  • the sharing of the best emergency medical care practices and emergency management systems;

  • the adoption of internationally recognized protocols and the standardization of EMT qualifications; 

  • the network among its members to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and on-site experience also through visits abroad as au-pair EMT or as observer;

  • the recognition of the strategic role of EMT in the Nationa Healthcare Services through lobbying towards political institutions.

First response training
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